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Samples & Seconds Online Market

Saturday, 4th September 2021Sunday, 5th September 2021

What are seconds and samples? As Pedddle knows, makers have to trial and test different designs in order to perfect their products. This can leave a few slightly blemished (but hardly noticeable) and often experimental and unique items that didn’t quite make the cut first time round, but are still fit for purpose!

The Seconds and Samples Market is a chance for makers to sell these pieces, and at wonderful discounted prices.

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Homeware, Candles & Decor


Glow Soap

Hare pottery ornaments hand made by Louise Crookenden-Johnson

Louise Crookenden-Johnson Ceramics

Ali Sharman Handweaver Howgill Cloth British wool colourful tweed

Ali Sharman Handweaver

Hog & Tallow Seconds Soap

Hog & Tallow

Seconds Kits

Turquoise Gem Home

Studio Milena, Handwoven cushions, Colourful checked pattern, Blue, Turqoise, Raspberry pink,

Studio Milena Textiles

The Hawthorn Co.

Maple Aromatics

Freytilda, hand poured Cacti decorations

Freytilda Ltd

Emma Philippa Maeve

Art, Glass & Ceramics


Turquoise Bubbly Fused Glass Heart

Blue Design Shed

Laurel Tree Pottery

Jewel Glass Purple Stripe fused glass pendant

Jewel Glass

Melanie Made Mud

Yasmine Charlotte

Utterly Pottery

Art Gifts For Sport Lovers Cyclists Runners Golf Rugby Rock Climbing

Gosh Art


Fashion & Jewellery

Felt Superhero Arm Cuffs. Choose Colour and Star / Flash Decoration

Robin's Bobbins

Dŵdl Designs

GN Jewellery


Bowerbird Jewellery

Thea Smartt Henry

RedApple Original Rainbow Solar in Italian brass with gold anodised surgical steel chain. Also available in silver and without rainbow patina.

RedApple Handmade


Miss Knit Nat

eynonymous designs, floral zipped bag

Eynonymous Designs

Jemma Marston

Katrina Alexander Jewellery

Unique Ella


Mandulka Crafts

Knitluxe Studio

The Keepsake, Silver necklace for tresstle market

The Keepsake

made by Kelly O


The Argentum Design Company

Grey Lavender Girl


Stationery & Cards

Peach and Mimi

Sally Elford Illustration, Print and Design


FNIC designs

No schedule available for this event

Meet Us

Bowerbird Jewellery

Gosh Art

Louise Crookenden-Johnson Ceramics

Turquoise Gem Home

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