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Standish Christmas Market 2022

Friday, 2nd December 2022Sunday, 4th December 2022

Applications Now Open!


Welcome to our third Standish Virtual Christmas Market! From 18:00 on Friday, 2nd December until 18:00 on Sunday, 4th there'll be singing! There'll be dancing! There'll be comedy! And there'll be so much more!

For 2022, we're holding a physical Christmas Market alongside the virtual one, Covid restrictions allowing. We'll be live streaming the event stage highlights to our Facebook and Tresstle pages from noon on Saturday, 3rd December.

We're a volunteer run event, so while we might not be the biggest, you can guarantee we put our hearts and souls into making the event a success.

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Applications now open! For more details contact us on Facebook, Insta or at [email protected]

Hosted by Standish Voice
Standish Christmas Market is an annual, one day event held in Market Place, Standish since 2016.

We pride ourselves on constantly being a little different. That's because we're run entirely by volunteers who live in and around the village. To us this isn't an opportunity to rake in the profits. To us it's an opportunity to see our community thrive and come alive. We try our hardest to make every year new and more successful, because it means more to us.

The physical event has two craft halls and the outdoor street market you'd expect, but the 'food court' area, live music stage and refreshments tent, gives us more than just a festive appeal. It's more of a festival atmosphere, pulling in around 5,000 visitors throughout the day, lots of whom stay for the live music in the pubs at night.

While Covid forced us online for 2020 and '21, we loved it and were able to keep the essence, sharing music offerings, stand up comedy spots and even an online Panto in 2020. We now plan to use the online Market to enhance the physical, and keep changing, growing and learning. If your business is a little 'different', we would LOVE to hear from you.

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