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Pricing on Tresstle

It’s time to make it clear how the pricing works at Tresstle.

The Registration Fee

It is a one-off fee to register with Tresstle. This will allow you to apply for and if successful, join an online event. It costs £10 to register. This fee applies to hosts, participants and if you want to be both a host & participant, that’s fine too – it’s all under one account.

Once you’ve registered it is really important you fill out the the ‘My Profile’ tab to get started. You can take part in as many, or as few events as you want.

The Event Fee.

This fee is charged by the host of the event and paid directly to them.

Within this ‘Event Fee‘ there is a small admin charge for Tresstle (see below for more details)

Pedddle Member Benefits & Admin Charge

The small admin charge varies depending on whether you are a Pedddle member.
This charge is all within the ‘Event Fee‘ and will get sent to us from the event host. We just wanted to share with you for transparency.