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What is Tresstle?

Developed for the creative community to collaborate and sell, Tresstle is a brand new online events platform that provides you with the tools to run your own fantastic events online or take part in them.

Why is Tresstle so special? The USP

There is currently no other platform that offers what we do. Tresstle has been developed with the creative community in mind, ensuring that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to hosting the perfect online event.

Although, as the creators of Pedddle, we love to direct people to physical markets, when they cannot run and for those with accessibility issues this is a fabulous space to host beautifully branded events. However, the fusion of online and physical presence as a small business is a winning combination and one not to be ignored moving forward.

Our USP is our event page, consisting of one innovative page hosting four spaces; The Event, Tresstle TV, The Schedule and a Meet Us section.

Tresstle TV is still being developed. It’s an area to chat to your event participants and talk about products, host virtual workshops and demonstrations alongside the event. The ‘Meet Us’ section embeds YouTube videos as a way to introduce the person behind the brand, which is key in building strong relationships between you and your customers.

What type of events can you run?

We accommodate both gift events and whole shop events. The difference being that a gift market points to one product listing within your range whilst the ‘whole shop’ events link to your whole shop in order to showcase your entire offer.

Gift events specify a price and the whole shop events specify a discount.

Event ideas?

Specific events like online markets, virtual print & craft fairs and art trails are the obvious ideas. 

But, Tresstle is a place to find your niche community online. We want to embrace groups and communities to come forward and host their own creative events targeting their ideal audience. We encourage hosts to collaborate with one another – bringing together multiple audiences benefits everyone involved.

Boutique shop owners hosting launch events. S/S or A/W stock launches working together with their stockists to host launch nights. 

Bloggers and vloggers using their wide social media reach to host events working with creative brands to sell their products.

If you are creative and are looking for a way to market your products online in an innovative way, then you are eligible.

So we know it is a platform to host events… but who can host?

Literally anyone. We ideally like to focus on the creative community to give them their much needed airtime. 

So, market organisers, boutique/shop owners, bloggers & vloggers and collectives of creatives — you are all eligible!

How does it work? 

You create an account whether you are wanting to be a participant or a host and then complete your profile. In order to be a host you send a request and once granted you can list an event.

As a participant, once you are logged in, you can browse events to be a part of and click the ‘Apply Now’ button when you see one that catches your interest – it couldn’t be more simple! 

On your dashboard, under the ‘My Events’ tab, there is a list of events that are pending, accepted or that have passed. As an organiser you also view the events you are organising.

How much does it cost?

It costs £10 for both participants and hosts to register to use the platform. You will also gain access to lots of useful resources to help you to get the most out of Tresstle.

For hosts, the event hosting platform is FREE as we want to encourage you to advertise actively for your events and keep them accessible to all.

Participants who register to take part in an event will be charged a platform fee and then the additional charge set by the event host. This is combined and paid in one checkout once you are accepted onto an event. If you run the event as a collective of creatives no additional fees will be taken over the platform fee. In some instances a host may choose not to take payment for the market and once again only the platform fee is charged.

ALL sales are your own.

Admin fees per event are £8.50 and market host fees will vary. Pedddle members get discounted fees.

Is it an ecommerce platform? 

No. You must have a shop hosted somewhere else. This may be your own website or a market place store. 

Why? It’s so much effort as a small business managing stock, we don’t want to add to the workload.

If you have any further questions, do let us know and we will be sure to answer them.