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Want to run an online event?

The online markets have been a fabulous addition to the creative market community. Not least it kept everyone going over lockdown, but now markets are open again do we still have need for them?


Markets still pose problems for people who have disabilities or are still shielding! So this is where online events are great. They allow people who love to shop small and support creative businesses to continue to do so. I also think as an addition to in-person events an online event is great.

You don’t have to call it a market! It could be an art fair, a launch event or a Christmas Bazaar! You name it how you want to suit what you are doing.

Tresstle is merely a platform to help you facilitate online events. It organises payments, it populates the categories and more. The work going into an online event is significantly reduced using Tresstle.

We would love to see friends or groups of stallholders with similar audience collaborating – you don’t need to be an organiser you could simply gather your crowd and host you own events. See the pricing towards the end of this page.

The set up is super easy:

On the ‘My Events’ tab, select ‘Add Event’ on the mini tab (pink)
Add the information and create the start of your page.
Connect your Stripe account. Stripe is a payment gateway that links to your account.

If you are doing this and opening it up to the wider community be sure to include a reasonable amount to cover cost to advertise and your time. There is a standard £8.50 fee added on by the website for admin. There is a however with that though….. if the person applying is a Pedddle member they will get a discount of either £8.50 or £3.50 depending on their membership type.

Just advertise the cost of the event as your fee PLUS £8.50 – any discounts given are a bonus.

If you are doing it with a group of friends without any cost to yourselves the fee will be £8.50 per person (unless they are Pedddle members and it could be free or £5).

It is likely that you might have other people apply if they see your event but you have the right to accept or decline whom ever you wish.


As an organiser you get to choose your fee from participants for the event. This can be £0 (usually only if it is with friends) OR any fee you wish.

Our admin fee is added to this which ranges from £0-£8.50 max.

I can’t see the create an event option?

Select ‘My Profile’
Scroll down and swipe the ‘organise events’ tab on and click save at the bottom of your profile. Then you can get started.

Go ahead and get started!

Any further questions just let us know. Contact us [email protected]